Plus Program

Exhibitions and Thematic Visits by Clube Fenianos Portuenses

Clube Fenianos Portuenses



PROGRAM: ¨Guided Tour to Clube dos Fenianos / Sat 11h (90min), Architect Alexandre Ferreira - @Clube // Demonstration and Argentine Tango Lesson / Sat 15h (60min), Escola do Clube - @Salão Flamingo // Theatre: from the Past to the Present / Sat 16h (40min), TEP - @Sala Artística // Fenianos’ History / Sat 17h (45min), Clube dos Fenianos - @Biblioteca // Lyrical Singing / Sat 19h (30 min), Ópera na Academia e na Cidade, AC - @Salão Nobre // Sport - Billiards Show / Sáb 19h30 (40min), Clube dos Fenianos - @Sala de Bilhar // Visit to the Stories of Clube dos Fenianos / Sat 21h (60min), Architect Alexandre Ferreira and Dra. Cristina Mouta - @Clube // Parade of Bourgeois Costumes of the 19th Century / Sun 11h (20min), Rancho Folclórico do Porto - @Clube // Classical Guitar Concert / Sun 12h (50min), Gonçalo Morais - @Teatrinho // Choir Concert / Sun 15h30 (30min), Grupo Coral do Clube dos Fenianos - @Teatrinho // Tango and Ballroom Dancing / Sun 16h (60min), Escola do Clube - @Salão Flamingo // Jazz Concert / Sun 17h30 (70min), Invicat Big Band - @Salão Nobre - - - EXHIBITIONS: Salão Nobre: “The architect, the building and the carnival parade”// Biblioteca: “The foundation of the club and republicanism”// Sala Artística: “The history of the theatre in Porto and TEP at Fenianos”// Museu: “The bond loan and the financing of the building”// Secção da Magia e Museu: “The history of Illusionism in Porto and CIF”// Sala de exposições: “Comic Collages - Dr. Jorge Santos”

No reservation required; first-come, first-served


A more than 100 years old club, in an historical building of huge dimensions and striking architecture, finally reveals itself. And there are many stories to hear. Founded by liberal republicans, free men with good customs from both sides of the Atlantic, projected by a commissioned architect, financed by the first bond loan launched in Portugal. A stage for great shows, it was here that António Pedro established the Teatro Experimental do Porto [Porto Experimental Theatre]. Centre of debates on important ideas with striking speakers like Óscar Lopes, Miguel Torga, António Macedo, and house for artists and their works, Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro, Almada Negreiros, Teixeira Lopes, amongst others. This was a place of big parties and one-off cultural manifestations with great maestros and choirs, and also of great tournaments of the noble art of billiards. A thousand and one stories, to find out during Open House Porto.