Passages (Out Loud)



Sat 22h, Roberto Ivens House / Sun 12H, Pink House (FAUP)

No reservation required; first-come, first-served


During the two-day event, similarly to previous years, the curators of Open House Porto will wander the several spaces in a spontaneous way. In this edition, their passage is also symbolically marked in two spaces where the informal meeting with visitors will be made through a group of readings, of “chosen passages”, that enhance the reading of the space. To read out loud is to open the inner life of the written word to the outside. And architecture also lives of the written word. “Sometimes I feel the need to write – I write”, says Siza Vieira. And his work (in architecture and in writing) shows us that “Nothing is closer to architecture than Literature – and close to it, is Poetry. The underlying rule is the condition of freedom”. At Roberto Ivens House and at Cor-de-Rosa House (FAUP), some passages of the author will be read out loud by the team of the Casa da Arquitectura, some students of the Architecture Faculty, respectively, some volunteers and the curators. In passing…