S. Bento da Vitória Church and Monastery

Diogo Marques Lucas / Carlos Guimarães e Luís Soares Carneiro

Séc. XVII-XVIII / 2001


João Tuna


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This is the first Benedictine male monastery of Porto and simultaneously the last of this ancient Portuguese Congregation – that installed itself near the Olival door of the Gothic wall, after the royal authorization given in 1598. Amongst the many occupations and transformations during its history, we can highlight that in 1808 during the Peninsular War, the Monastery was converted in a Military Hospital, and in 1835 after the expulsion of the Religious Orders, it became a Military Court and Reclusion House as well as a Barrack for the Infantry 31 and engineering. More recently, the Monastery was subject to rehabilitation works conducted by architects Carlos Guimarães and Luís Soares Carneiro. We can highlight in their intervention the roof of the noble cloister – a metal acoustic shell that with great attention to pre-existing values, radically amplifies the possibilities of use through a proposal that is as discreet as effective.


Rua de S. Bento da Vitória


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