The Great Race of Architecture

To families and children of all ages

Serviço Educativo Casa da Arquitectura


Durante todo o dia
Durante todo o dia

No reservation required; first-come, first-served


This Great Race offers a special itinerary for families and children. With 15 spaces selected from the Open House Porto itinerary, you can build a personal and playful map through riddles, challenges, close observation, drawings and writing. You are going to find out the history of cities and what architecture can offer us. What is hidden behind that ancestral stone? Which trees do you find in that garden? How many windows liven up the neighbourhood? Until when can you see the landscape? What can you see from that high tower? Don’t forget to stamp the map in the spaces that you visit. Ask for the help of our amazing volunteer team. When you finish the route take a picture of your map and send it to, you will get a family ticket to visit the next exhibition at Casa da Arquitectura. All are welcome!